I am interested in algebraic combinatorics, especially problems related to hyperplane arrangements, (oriented) matroids, posets, and related fields.

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Papers and Preprints

  1. A Three-Regime Theorem for Flow-Firing, with Sarah Brauner, Selvi Kara, Caroline Klivans, and Lisa Schneider
    arXiv:2303.02526 (2023)
  2. The Poincaré-Extended ab-index, with Joshua Maglione and Christian Stump
    arXiv:2301.05904 (2023)
  3. Shi Arrangements Restricted to Weyl Cones, with Christian Stump
    arXiv:2204.05829 (2022)

  4. The Varchenko-Gel'fand Ring of a Cone
    Journal of Algebra (2023)
    journal version, arXiv:2104.02740/
  5. Equivariant cohomology and conditional oriented matroids, with Nicholas Proudfoot and Jidong Wang
    International Math Research Notices (to appear) (2023)
    journal version, arXiv:2208.04855
  6. Filtering cohomology of ordinary and Lagrangian Grassmannians, with Vic Reiner and the students of the Polymath Jr. REU
    Involve (2022)
    journal version, arXiv:2011.03179
  7. A positivity phenomenon in Elser's Gaussian-cluster percolation model, with Cyrus Hettle, David C. Livingston, Jeremy L. Martin, George Nasr, Julianne Vega, and Hays Whitlatch
    Journal of Combinatorial Theory A (2021)
    journal version, arXiv:1905.11330/
  8. Whitney Numbers for Poset Cones, with Jang Soo Kim and Vic Reiner
    Order (2021)
    journal version, arXiv:1906.00036
  9. Enumerating Parking Completions Using Join and Split, with Ayomikun Adeniran, Steve Butler, Pamela E. Harris, Cyrus Hettle, Qingzhong Liang, Jeremy L. Martin, and Hayan Nam
    Electronic Journal of Combinatorics (2020)
    journal version, arXiv:1912.01688


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